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South Coast Sundecks & Exteriors is a 'specialized' composite deck builder and installation contractor in Vancouver. We provide our clients with remarkable & efficient composite decking results that support & Exceed all composite decking warranties and Provincial B.C. Building Codes
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We want what is best for each of our clients and hopefully that will be you. We understand that the composite decking industry once again has many different decking manufacturers and product collections all contending for your business with deck builders, contractors and websites all offering opinions on what product you should and shouldn't choose for one reason or another.

With a little patience and product knowledge we hope to make your composite deck building experience less overwhelming and straightforward as possible so you can confidently move from choosing a product that is right for you to accesorizing and enjoying your new outdoor living space deck without spending more than you really have to in order to achieve those remarkable results.

Not all deck builders are the same. Like the hardwood or laminate flooring in your house, there is certainly a lot more to a sundeck than just the composite decking and its warranty. Regardless of the manufacturer's 'contractor client referral' loyalty program for installing the most of their product categorized as bronze, silver, gold or platinum with diamond sprinkles on top; there are still many different approaches, strategies and skill sets that can be utilized all the way from the deck design efficiency, B.C. Building code compliancy to 'weather or not' the deck structure itself will be capable of lasting as long as the decking.

Since we have spent the time examining and working with various composite decking products over the years we have taken a less narrow minded approach to become diversified and knowledgeable in all the different alternatives to wood decking products. Of course appearance is a priority and how the decking functions and performs in different types of enviroments and weather conditions. Knowing which selections will work the best with other outdoor living space considerations and which ones will give our clients the best value for their needs are all things that we concern ourselves with for our clients besides doing a good job.

PVC Decking and PVC Capped decking. Most quality composite decking has its composite core covered or 'capped' in a PVC (Polymer) layer that protects it and distinguishes it from others in color and in texture. Kind of like engineered interior laminated flooring. Going further PVC decking & PVC railings are usually composed of all PVC material which has many benefits that we like to utilize for our clients but is a premium decking product that costs and outperforms most capped composite decking selections but does come with a 30 year limited warranty instead of 25 years, and the collections look really impressive.

We have created a comparison guide for you below of the Composite & PVC decking brands that we feel offer the best value, appearance, performance and manufacturer support for our customers. Please keep in mind this is an 'averaged' price guide only to help you with product awareness and to prepare a budget. You will notice that each company offers 3 different collections each with 3-5 different price levels. All of the manufacturers advertise them by 'Good, Better & Best' and we have categorized them with higher prices located at the top and lower prices at the bottom. These prices were collected at the begining of the year from various distributors, and may no longer represent current pricing or inventory availability or what we can do for you when you are ready to hire us. (Example: There were 2 price increase at the begining of 2016 and some decking will sell out if it becomes popular) Other cost considerations are fascia boards ($5-12 LF) fastener costs, delivery, taxes and decking installation labour. Note: We do Not supply material only pricing. We do not offer free consultations, quotes or pricing to inexperienced contractors & competitors or do it yourselfers that inquire.

Azek PVC Decking



Average Linear/Board Ft
Avg Cost $6.40 - 6.79 per LF
Avg Cost $6.57 - 6.68 per LF
Avg Cost $5.98 - 6.17 Per LF
Timbertech Decking   Collection Colors Average Linear/Board Ft
Avg Cost $6.35 - 6.49 per LF
Avg Cost $5.19 - 5.48 per LF
Avg Cost $3.92 - 4.35 Per LF
Trex Decking   Collection Colors Average Linear/Board Ft
Avg Cost $5.25 - 5.57 per LF
Avg Cost $4.28 - 4.57 per LF
Avg Cost $3.72 - 3.96 Per LF
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  Frequently asked questions

  What is the process to hire you?
  Should we get a deck building permit?
  Can i put composite decking on my existing deck?
  Can i change my vinyl deck to a composite deck?
  How much does it cost to build a completely new deck?
  What is the total sq ft cost for decking materials?
  Everything about composite staircases
  How much do composite deck railings cost?
  Where can i see and buy composite decking?
  Can we buy the decking and get you to install it?

Composite Decking Installation Services

We build decks all year round so you can enjoy during spring and summer
We may get our clients better pricing than home depot & building centers
Our portable product displays, show you what to expect with your order
Yes we supply & install composite deck railings - They do come at a price
Multiply decking LF price by 2.1 to get approx. SQ ft cost excluding waste
Our labour costs to just install the composite decking is approx. $4-8 sqft.
Hidden fastener total costs range from $1.00-$1.75 sq ft depending on brand
Our home page and company page shows what cities that we work in

Average Ordering to Installation time is 2-6 weeks during busy season
Average project completion time for deck resurfacing is 3-5 days
Average project completion time for deck building is 1-2 weeks
Average project completion time for an outdoor living space is 2-6 weeks
Completion times vary upon project size, complexity and client input

Convenient estimate provided by email with the following criteria:
Your exact product selection/s, dimensions or plans, deck location pictures,
Your Name, Phone Number and City. Site visit required for quotation and order

  Considerations when you inquire:

1) Would you like to renovate an existing deck or build a new deck
2) Do you know if you are choosing to get a building permit or not
3) Have you selected a product you like or established a rough budget
4) Have you, or will you be recieving 2 other comparative quotations
5) Do you have an idea of when you would like your project completed
6) Email responses with a phone number & city will be responded to sooner

  Please inquire here or phone 604 921-9185 to book an appointment.

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