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With Tufdeks Modern & Strongest waterproof vinyl decking membranes and a South Coast Sundecks installation, your new vinyl deck and roof grade membrane will be B.C. Building code approved, and will look much better and for much longer than what other vinyl decking companies might have to offer.
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  In our honest opinion based on decades of providing or reviewing just about every type of waterproof sundeck membrane in the market place, with the conclusion being that certain types of vinyl sheet decking are the most reliable and cost effective choice, that is accepted by building municipalities, building envelope engineers, building contractors and home owners for well over 30 years. It is interesting to note that Tufdek not only offers attractive and strong vinyl decking but provides an innovative and reliable 'system' of installation products and procedure choices that raises the standard for vinyl decks, in appearance, quality and function. These innovative and natural looking Tufdek designs which a few companies have tried to replicate offer low maintenance, easy to keep clean convenience, high traction attributes, longer service life, hasslefree enjoyment and barefoot comfort that is backed by a great company with great products.

  The vinyl decking membrane application is only one small facet to an outstanding vinyl deck build, rebuild, resurfacing or restoration, you will also be pleased to know that our installations are backed by Tufdek industries proprietary installation procedure program. We only use the 'Tufdek system' installation compatible products such as the glue's, fillers, flashings and accessories even if it costs a little more, we want to make certain our customers are fully covered by the Tufdek warranty program and more importantly that your deck will look and last for as long as it should. Besides great service and remarkable results we are also known for our design aspect installations, expedited completion times, drainage and resloping solutions and flush seam techniques. And there is no quality vinyl decking installation that would be properly completed without utilizing our excellent carpentry skills and extensive construction experience.

  In other words you really should get what you pay for and South Coast Sundecks and Tufdek Industries has a solution for most budget requirements with products and experience that is always ready to impress.

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Tufdek Designer & Supreme Series costs a little more because of the additional manufacturing processes with resulting durability, appearance and longevity benefits that more importantly have exceeded all national testing requirements set forth by Canadian building code regulations that includes over all living spaces making it an approved roofing membrane!

'Flush seams' or 'Recessed seams' can be strong as the vinyl itself because we know how to do them properly.

Tufdek 15 year warranty vinyl decking doesn't delaminate, shrink, tear or pull apart unlike other lower cost vinyls and its texture is the easiest to keep clean over other deck membranes where some have surfaces so porous that they attract and trap algae and bacteria which can cause premature failures and surface discoloration.

Vinyl sheet decking in general cannot be compared in anyway to liquid/trowel-on/roll-on membranes where 99% are Not Canadian Building Code approved for over living spaces which may be testament to why you shouldn't consider them for your deck project. As a professional vancouver waterproofing deck company these products are very profitable for us to use but we choose not to offer them to our customers for a multitude of reasons. If your still in doubt please ask us for more information on them or contact your local municipalities building inspectors and ask them.

Some building envelope engineers do agree that the wrong choice in waterproof membranes was a contributor to the 'leaky condo' fiasco not long ago and possibly the next wave of new leaky condos that are surfacing as reported by the vancouver sun. This is why most engineers specify and rely only on certain types of vinyl deck membranes like Tufdek for their multi dwelling unit (MDU) waterproofing projects because of their strength, reliability and independent testing results over that of lower cost and insufficient vinyl deck membranes.

Be Suspicious of Non-Dealer supported vinyl membranes made off shore that are inferior in quality and circumnavigate all stringent north american enviromental regulations and building code product testing that are not always less expensive. We replace these membranes often with the biggest customer complaint being the ink patterns substantially wear off in a couple of years as well as seam failures from inferior welding characteristics, product tears with resulting leaks and structural damage.
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