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  There is a considerable difference between Innovative Aluminum Systems, Infinity topless glass sundeck railings systems that we as a deck railing company supply and install for our clients and what others might have to offer you for your outdoor glass deck and patio railings.
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Reasons why the Infinity glass deck railing system is right for you

  Safety should be one of your foremost concerns when all that there is seperating you from the ground is a panel of glass which is held by a post on either side of that glass panel with a frameless glass railing. Other options are a postless 'stand off' completely frameless all glass deck railings that we supply and install at an average price of $220 per lf installed. The last option is either a wood or our low profile aluminum railing with glass insert panels which starts at around $55 per lf installed.

  If you see the value in an attractive post and topless glass deck railing system and it fits your budget, then you should also know the importance of the posts function of properly capturing and holding the glass securely from shifting out of the post inserts channels by means of 'wind lift' and 'glass creep'. Constant building expansion and contraction, wind, humidity, temperature changes play into these scenarios aswell as the settling of new and old decks which may or may not be built properly to support the weight or leverage of an all glass deck railing. The 2 main components that secure the glass to the posts are the 'glass inserts' and 'setting blocks'. Besides proper structural provisions these 2 items alone are what seperates the safe from the not so safe, and the visually desirable from the undesirable.

  The patented infinity extruded aluminum posts have 'built in' cylindrical glass insert channels that grip the glass securely. Once the cylindrical 'glass insert' molding is pressed onto the sides of the glass panel with its proprietary 4 point grip, the glass panel is then inserted into the mating 'Built in' cylindrical insert channels of the post making the glass and post connection superior in gripping strength and very appealing to the eye with a glass deck post that is only 2" wide in total, and yet have been pre-engineed to span the glass deck railing panels upto 6ft inbetween posts with timeless Non rusting aluminum! Most competitors are 3" to 4" wide with the added on glass channels or boxed in glass channels.

  The 'setting blocks' are what holds the weight of the glass and is used for the alignment of the glass panels so it is very important that they do not compress, shift or work their way out over time during wind lift, deck settling and 'freeze thaw' scenarios which will cause the glass panels to creep out of alignment and out of the security of the insert channels. This can also cause the glass to crack or shatter once it makes contact with the metal gusset supports or channel bases that most competitors use. The proprietary infinty 'setting blocks' are once again a cylindrical rubber compound that slides into the same insert channels as the 'glass inserts' and have no way of shifting or moving out of their pocket which is especially critical on glass stair posts and corner posts.

  Glass deck railing failures are the primary reason why the building departments of various municipalities insist on a engineering approval documents to protect the consumer from unsatisfactory post systems and inadequate post and glass installations. The supporting and sealed engineering documents also waive the municipality from liability on permitted deck railing projects and also provide the consumer with various levels of documented liability insurance which proves to be the greatest level of assurance for the consumer with these checks and balances but does come at an additional price.

  Some municipalities building departments may think that this is still unsatisfactory and insist that the requirements should also include the implementation of a continuous metal 'cap' that is attatched onto the top of the glass panels and spans at least 3 of the glass panels. All thought this offers some fall protection if the glass panel fails in some way but another main purpose is to protect the exposed glass edges from impacts on the weakest area which are the panel edges which can cause the entire glass panel to shatter. Going even further some municipalities are now requiring an additional fixed hand rail guard that can't be easily removed after final inspections.

  The glass deck railing posts that we prefer you have us install are made from a formation of solid billet aluminum that is shaped and 'extruded' into the patented, pre-engineered and elegant post design system that is not just various tube aluminum pieces either welded and/or pieced together that look and function differently. The infinity glass railing system accurately secures the glass railing panels safely now and later on, and i am almost certain you will agree they might be the nicest looking glass sundeck railing posts that you will see. Visit manufacturers website: Innovative aluminum

  If you are a consumer who values making the right choices concerning your home and budget we will bring our portable tradeshow display and color swatches to your residence and you can see for yourself just how good we will make your glass patio or deck railings look, before you order.

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